The Mary Budding Trust Support During COVID-19

At this time of great difficulty and challenge due to the Corona virus, the Mary Budding Trust would like to give reassurance that we are still able to take applications for grants that can help children, up to the age of 11, with special needs.

It is really important to us that no child ‘slips through the net’ and as a small local charity, we can act quickly so that children and their families can be supported at times of greatest need.

In the last few weeks we have been able to provide a variety of electronic equipment to help children with additional needs to continue their school work at home. One family were trying to do home schooling using a mobile which was not really capable of downloading the resources needed another was borrowing an iPad which belonged to another child. Several of the children we have been able to support are about to make the transition to secondary education so are at a critical point in their education.

We would like to reach out to families, schools or organisations that would benefit from our Trust, especially now when young children who need extra support may well be even more vulnerable, with schools having to work in vastly different ways and with families perhaps experiencing financial hardship.  So if you are a parent, carer, family member, teacher, health or social worker please consider how you can use us to help the children in your care.