How to Help Us to Help Children

We rely on the kindness of the people, organisations and businesses of West Devon to be able to provide our services.

The work of the trust is carried out entirely voluntarily by its trustees so, other than some very small fixed costs, all of the money donated, raised or bequeathed goes directly to helping children and their families.

When you help us, you’ll be in good company …!


The majority of our funding comes from the generously-given time and effort of local people, organisations and businesses.

If you’ve got a great idea for a fundraising event or activity, please let us know.

We are always happy to help with promotion, to join you where we can – and we always say thank you!

Leave a Legacy

Many people kindly choose to include a donation to The Mary Budding Trust in their will.

Legacies have been hugely important in helping the trust to support children in West Devon over the last 20 years. These generous gifts have all made a big impact.

To make a will or an amendment to an existing will is straightforward and less expensive than you might think – and leaving a legacy to a registered charity carries with it significant tax benefits.

We have answers to some of the main questions that you might have here.

Whatever you choose to do, we strongly recommend always using a professional legal advisor such as a solicitor when drawing up such an important document.

Unless you have indicated a particular use for it (see below), we will use your gift towards our priority programmes and for meeting applications for grant aid from families, health centres and schools that support children with special needs within the community.

If you wish, you can specify where or how your legacy is used, although it is advisable for this to be worded as a request rather than a binding
commitment, in case circumstances should change in the future.

The following wording is suggested:

To benefit a particular disability: I give to The Mary Budding Trust and registered charity number 1094213 the sum of £__ [or % of the residue of
my estate] for its general purposes, with the request that it be used to support children [… your chosen request …].

We will always follow your instructions, although the broader the area of work indicated, the easier it is for us to ensure that your wishes are followed.

A residuary bequest leaves the balance of your estate to the Trust. This is a valuable bequest and is not eroded by inflation

A pecuniary bequest leaves a specific sum. to prevent this bequest being eroded by inflation, you could consider index linking your bequest.

A specific bequest is where an item of value is left. this could be a painting, a piece of jewellery, an antique or even property.

A reversionary bequest reserves an item for the use of a surviving partner, friend or relative and then leaves it to a nominated charity or third party.

There is no need to, but if you do we can acknowledge this wonderful gesture in various ways.

With you or your family’s permission we would wish to celebrate your generosity through our publications and on our website.

The most important things to include are our full name, address and registered charity number 1094213.

The Mary Budding Trust,
c/o Robin Hill (Trustee),
Andrews Corner,
EX20 1RD