Fundrasing Support from the Barker Family

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Having received a grant from the Trust, (see next article) the Barker family of Weeke Farm, Spreyton, are fundraising throughout March, to support The Trust.

STOP PRESS . . . Very many thanks from the Trustees, as we now know that the Barker family’s sterling efforts have raised £305 for the Trust. What a wonderful achievement!

. . . and a Thank You From Them for Their Grant!

Thank you so much for the funding so that we could purchase a Pulseguard sleep monitor so that we can monitor our precious Isabelle while she sleeps.
With the risk of SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in EpilepsyPatients) being terrifyingly real, it means that we know she’s safe whilst she’s sleeping, which means that we can sleep at night. We really can’t explain how much this means to our family and how it has a huge impact on our lives.
Thank you so much.
Anthony, Sarah and Isabelle xxx